Rules SPA area

  1. General rules are intended to maintain the highest level of wellness. Please pay attention to the signals that your body gives you.
  2. Take your time to enjoy and maximise the beneficial effects of the sauna. A cycle of saunas should last at least three hours, alternating sessions with resting periods. Hasty sessions with shorter than recommended breaks in between sessions might cause fatigue and stress your body. Do not use the sauna with an empty stomach or if you have just eaten.
  3. Take a shower before and after each cycle and wipe your skin with a towel (dry skin sweats faster). We suggest a warm foot bath to enhance transpiration.
  4. While in the sauna it is advisable to lay down and do not exceed 15 minutes per session. Minimum time is normally 8 minutes but every person is different so listen to your body. Before you leave the cabin sit down for a few minutes to avoid feeling light-headed.
  5. Wait ten to fifteen minutes before you take a cold shower, your body needs oxygen.
  6. After the cold shower for a real warming sensation we recommend a foot bath in the Kneipp area. Repeated showers with cold water tone the blood vessels.
  7. After each sauna session your body needs at least 20 to 40 minutes of total relaxation. Wrap yourself in the bathrobe, lay on a lounger sit back and relax.
  8. Drink plenty of water in between sessions.
  9. All sessions should last the same amount of time and normally three sessions are sufficient.
  10. The purpose of sauna sessions is to relax body and mind. We suggest not to engage in any sport activities after a cycle of saunas. A massage in between cycles and after will enhance its beneficial effects.

Last but not least…
It is of paramount importance to feel at peace and harmony. These feelings can generate in a silent environment or where muffed sounds are played. High pitch noises and the sound of our voices can interfere with this sense of tranquillity. We kindly ask you to be considerate towards others and let go of all the negative sensations accumulated during the day.